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New Voter Laws

Did you know that new voter laws go into full effect in 2016?  Do you know what the new laws are?

The SILC office had a visit today from two gentlemen who are with the Voter Outreach Department of the North Carolina State Board of Elections.  Their job and goal is to inform all voters of the state of what is and is not in the new laws.

Did you know that any person voting curbside or absentee does not have to provide a photo ID, just any ID that shows where they live?  Did you know that any person without a photo ID is still going to be allowed to vote?  They will vote a provisional ballot that just means that it’s researched to be proven accurate for voter name and address.    For more information regarding all the new laws go to  There are a couple of links that will supply information that can answer your questions.



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7 Cutz Above Hair and Fashion Show for People with Disabilities.

I just had the privilege of meeting Jacquil Leathers.  She stopped by to drop off some information about a special event she was hosting.  Jacquil loves to cut and style hair, she also has a sister whom she loves with Cerebral Palsy. She has blended the two factors together and has started a business called 7 Cutz Above.  She will travel to anyone who has a disability that stops them from coming and sitting in a salon with the standard seating.


A Hair and Fashion show for those with disabilities who need special accommodations is being hosted by Jacquil Leathers, Jameka Leathers and Devonaire a Fashion Designer. This special event will take place this Friday, June 20, at 700 Brooks Avenue, Brooks Avenue Church of Christ, from 5pm to 7pm.


I applaud Jacquil’s innovative look at fashion and hair for those with disabilities.  Support her by attending and spreading the news!


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CTran – extended service – Cary/Raleigh area

Town of Cary’s Town Manager has proposed extended service hours, 8:00PM – 10:00PM, for the C-Tran bus system’s six fixed routes in the cities 2015 budget. The Cary Town Council has yet to approve the budget and there are many who would like to see the town council vote in favor of this particular line item in the budget.

Although C-Tran is a Cary based public transit system it also provides transportation to Raleigh residence, therefore, supporting extended service is to promote a transit system that serves and benefits both Raleigh and Cary.


To show your support of the extended services you can email the following:

e-mail to all Town of Cary Council members –

e-mail to Town of Cary Town Manager –

To show your support you can copy and paste the following show-of-support-comment in the body of your email to the council and Mr. Boylston.


Re: Cary Proposed Budget FY 2015

As you consider and vote on the proposed budget please keep in mind the value of the C-Tran bus system to the Cary community. I strongly support the Town Manager’s proposal to expand service of C-Tran’s fixed route and door-to-door service schedule by expanding the evening hours from 8pm to 10pm, Monday through Saturday.


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DARC’s June newsletter

The June 2014 Newsletter for Disability Advocates and Resource Center has been posted on the Center’s page of this website.  See all the “Happenings” at DARC!


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Transition to Post-Secondary Education; Education after High School

This document lists what you should consider when transitioning from high school to advanced education.  There is a list of resources at the bottom

Transition to Post Secondary – doc

Transition to Post Secondary – txt

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